Still Disease: A Diagnosis of Exclusion

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Paula Marques Ferreira - Corresponding Author

Paula Marques Ferreira []
Rua Conceição Fernandes 4434-502, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Pedro Oliveira
Filipe Breda
Manuela Sequeira


Still disease is an inflammatory condition characterized by fever, arthralgia, and skin rash. It is a rare entity associated with nonspecific manifestations and becoming a diagnosis of exclusion. Therefore, it is essential to exclude infectious pathologies, as well as autoimmune pathologies and neoplastic conditions. The authors describe the case of a 24-year-old girl hospitalized in the Internal Medicine Department, with fever, arthralgia and maculopapular exanthema with two weeks duration. During hospitalization, a exhausting study was proposed and other possible etiologies were excluded. She was diagnosed with Still disease and started corticosteroid therapy. She was oriented for the autoimmune external consult.

Keywords: Still's Disease, Adult-Onset/complications; Still's Disease, Adult-Onset/diagnosis

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Ferreira P, Oliveira P, Breda F, Sequeira M. Still Disease: A Diagnosis of Exclusion. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2022 Feb. 15 [cited 2022 Aug. 10];9(1). Available from:

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