“Out of Date” Hearts: Two AL Amyloidosis Cases Corações “Fora do Prazo”: Dois Casos de Amiloidose AL

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Francisco Ferreira da Silva - Corresponding Author
João Paulo Fernandes
Luís Moura de Oliveira
Duarte Cacela


Cardiac amyloidosis is considered a rare disease and classically described as having poor prognosis, with a median survival of six months, since the onset of heart failure symptoms. When cardiac amyloidosis is suspected, the etiological study is indicated for characterization of the type of protein involved, as well evaluation of the attainment of other organs. In this article, the authors report two cases, diagnosed and treated at Hospital CUF Descobertas (HCD) - in cooperation with Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa (IPOL) and National Amyloidosis Centre (NAC) in London - of heart failure in the context of AL amyloidosis associated with monoclonal gammopathy.
The patients maintain regular follow-up in HCD and are
clinically well.

Received: 02/05/2017 - Accepted: 18/08/2017

Keywords: Amyloidosis; Heart Failure; Paraproteinemias

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Silva FF da, Fernandes JP, Oliveira LM de, Cacela D. “Out of Date” Hearts: Two AL Amyloidosis Cases: Corações “Fora do Prazo”: Dois Casos de Amiloidose AL. Gaz Med [Internet]. 2017 Sep. 29 [cited 2022 Aug. 13];4(3). Available from: https://www.gazetamedica.pt/index.php/gazeta/article/view/58

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